Knife Rack - Trial and Error

I’m in the process of making a new knife rack for our kitchen. I’ve always liked the idea of the knife rack being a beautiful piece of wood with the magnets recessed into it so they’re not visible on the front.

Stuart found a nice bit of oak for the knife rack in the workshop to match the oak kitchen cupboards and we planed it down to size. I recessed the magnets, glued the covering veneer on and then planed the veneer as thin as possible in order to still get maximum grip for the heaviest of our kitchen knives. Sadly, I planed just that bit too much and the oak split. Back to the drawing board with a new piece of oak and a new technique…..

Jewellery Box - Lining The Tray

A rainy Sunday is a good opportunity to focus on lining the inner tray of the jewellery box. Working again with the same navy blue baize fabric from Baize & Wool, I absolutely love the combination of the deep blue with the light sycamore wood.

The earrings in the last photo were custom made by the very talented local silversmith Rebecca Georgina.

Jewellery Box - Tidying Up Dovetails Part 2

After glueing up the sycamore tray last week, I hand planed the dovetails to a smooth finish today. The end grain looks great against the lighter faces and the tray fits snugly into the main jewellery box. Hooray!

Jewellery Box - Making The Tray

I’m currently making a shallow tray to fit inside the main jewellery box, made from sycamore wood and again, with dovetail connections on the corners. The wood is beautiful for this fine detail work.

Jewellery Box - Making The Lid

To act as a contrast to the lighter body of the jewellery box, I decided to make the lid out of afromosia, a dark tropical hardwood also known as African teak.

I wouldn’t normally opt for tropical hardwoods, especially as this one is on the IUCN Red List (endangered species), but I didn’t purchase this as new material. My woodworking tutor, Stuart, still had some in his workshop and existing stocks can be used up.

The wood is beautiful in colour and quite dense and it should look even more stunning once oil / wax is applied at a later date.

The lid will sit flush within the body of the box and an off-centre tab will act as the handle to open the box.

Jewellery Box - Tidying Up Dovetails

Today it’s time to carefully tidy up the dovetails by planing the surfaces until they’re even and no glue residue remains.

Jewellery Box - Glueing Up!

Time to glue up the main jewellery box. Channels have been routed in at the bottom to house the birch plywood base of the box.

Jewellery Box - Making Dovetail Joints

The other week I started a new project - a jewellery box for my mum made out of this beautiful ash. The ash has been planed and cut to thickness and now it’s time to make the dovetail joints to the four corners of the box.